List of some frequently asked question for us.
1How do I book a Sleeping Pod?

SAMS Snooze At My Space provides travelers with apt accommodation at the places of high footfall such as Airport, Convention Centers, Events, Railway Stations etc.
Currently our Pods are operational at Terminal 3 of Delhi IGI Airport with 2 locations.
You can make your online reservation on our website at or at the Delhi Airport Website
SAMS Official Website: www.snoozeatmyspace.com
Delhi Airport Official Website: https://www.newdelhiairport.in/sleeping-pod
You can also reserve your Sleeping Pods through the HOI app on Google Play-store and App-Store from Aug 2020 onward.

In case you are unable to book the sleeping pod for the desired stay through the above mentioned options you can contact us at +91 8800444132 or mail us at info@snoozeatmyspace.com

2Where are the Sleeping Pods located?

SNOOZE AT MY SPACE brings you the most relaxing experience during your travel through Delhi IGI Airport, by providing Sleeping Pods at two convenient locations.
a) SAMS Sleeping Pods - International Departure SHA (Air-side Area) Located at the International Departures Pier of T3 after Immigration and Security.
(Check Entry Restrictions before making your online bookings).
b) SAMS - Airport Transit Sleeping Pods (ATSP) - MLCP of T3 (Land-side Area) Located at the Multi Level Car Park (MLCP Building) of T3.
(Can be accessed by Domestic & International Arriving and Departing Passengers having layovers longer than 6-8 Hours)

3Who can access the Sleeping Pods?

A) SAMS Sleeping Pods - International Departure SHA (Air-side Area)
*Can be accessed by International Departing passengers who shall be allowed to cross Immigration and Security 5-6 Hours prior to their next International Departing Flight.
*Can also be accessed by selected domestic flights departing from the international departures of T3 such as Air India flights starting with AI-0xx I.E. flight form Delhi to Ahmadabad (AI 019) this is a domestic flight but it departs from the international wing, as it further connects to an international destination. Such passengers can access the Sleeping Pods inside the international departures pier.
*Domestic to International Transfer & International to International Transfer Can be accessed by passengers departing from Mumbai to Sydney via Delhi or Can be accessed by passengers departing from Dubai to Sydney via Delhi.
*Can be accessed by passengers who don't have an Indian Visa.Indian Visa is not required for passengers to stay at the Sleeping Pods at this location. Only requirement is to have an onward boarding pass through a flight departing from the international departures of T3 and need to cross Immigration and Security Check.

B) Airport Transit Sleeping Pods (ATSP) - MLCP of T3 (Land-side Area)
*Can be accessed by passengers in transit having Indian Visa and having a short as well as a long layover in Delhi. Apt location for passengers having layover of over 6-8 hours or above as they do not need to book a cab or go out to the city with their heavy luggage. This is a convenient option as we are available right at the Airport at the MLCP building of T3.
*Can be accessed by passengers traveling with infants and kids as we are just at the Airport without the need to travel out to other hotels along with your baby, especially during late night hours. We also provide assistance to our guests by receiving them at the Airport arrivals along with porter service to carry your luggage and reach the facility with ease.
*Can be accessed by travelers arriving from Domestic as well as International Destinations without the worry of leaving the Airport premises.We offer various categories for stay options on an hourly basis and have flexibility on check-in &check-out timings.
*Can be accessed for Business flyers having layovers. This facility is a boon to travelers having a short layover as well as we have short stay packages and also provide Only Shower facility option to the guests who want to get ready before they head out of the Airport for their next meeting or next flight.
*Can be accessed by passengers in long layovers as we do have options of 15 hours Stay, 18 hours Stay , 24 hours Stay and even longer options available on request. You can contact us for other customized stay options as well.

4How can I access the Sleeping Pods?

Sleeping Pods are available at Delhi IGI Airport at two locations at Terminal 3
A) SAMS Sleeping Pods at International Departures Pier of T3 (Security Hold Area) (Air-side Area) After Immigration and Security Check.
(Opp. Boarding Gate 17 and Near Boarding Gate 04 of the International Departures Pier)
(No VISA Required),
(Need A Valid Boarding Pass for an onward departing flight from the International Wing)
(Need to clear Immigration & Security Check)
Delhi - International Flight (5-6 hours Stay Only)
Domestic to International Via Delhi (Up-to 24 hours, if Immigration is crossed at Origin)
International to International Transfer
( Up to 24 hours if Direct Domestic Flight (like: AI 019 Delhi to Ahmedabad) (Only 3 hours prior to next flight).

B) Airport Transit Sleeping Pods (ATSP) - SAMS at the MLCP Building of T3 (Land-side Area) Opp.
(Opp. Arrival Gate No. 1 of Domestic Arrivals at the MLCP Building at Level - 6)
(Visa Required for International Arriving Passengers)
(Best Location for Domestic arriving passenger)
(Long Layover permitted)
(Domestic to International transit passenger can access the Pods at this location)
(International to Domestic transit passengers can access the Pods at this location)
(Passengers Arriving at T1, T2, T3 all can access this facility)

5How many hours prior to my flight can I book a Sleeping Pod?

For Location A) International Departures Pier- Security Hold Area - Terminal 3
Departing passengers are allowed entry to the security hold area 6 hours prior for International passengers (varies from Airlines to Airlines, request you to confirm with your respective airlines), 24 hours for Transit passengers and 3 hours prior for Domestic passengers whose flight is scheduled to depart from T3 International Piers Only.

For Location B) Airport Transit Sleeping Pods - MLCP Building - Terminal 3
Arriving Passengers are allowed to access the Airport Transit Sleeping Pods - at MLCP building and also departing passengers are allowed to access the Sleeping Pods up to 72 hours prior to their next connecting flights.

This facility can be booked by all passengers arriving at Terminal 3, Terminal 2 and Terminal 1.
All passengers having a further domestic connection through Delhi IGI Airport-Domestic Or International, having long or short layovers can be accommodated at this location.
Transit Passengers travelling through inter terminal flights i.e. arriving at Terminal 1, Terminal 2, Terminal 3 and connecting further through flight departing from any Terminal of Delhi IGI Airport can be accommodated here. The guest is required to arrive or depart through any flight from Delhi IGI Airport.

We also offer (Shower On The Go) to passengers at this location.Any arriving passenger having the need to take a short shower before they hit the city or to get ready for an onward meeting, we welcome guests for only shower facility as well.

6How do I pay to book a Sleeping Pod?

We accept all the major currencies at the desk
Debit/Credit Cards
Online link given below:
OR you can make a PAYTM transfer to +918800444132
You can also make a bank transfer to the following Bank Account :
Account Number: 00892560003746
IFSC Code: HDFC0000089

7How can I change my booking date and time?

To make any amendments to your confirmed bookings like date and time changes, you can send us an email at info@snoozeatmyspace.com One time - date and time change is offered without any charge, on 2nd date and time change there is a charge of Rs" 2000 applicable on all bookings.

8Can I book a Sleeping Pod if I have a Domestic Departing Flight?

For Location A) International Departures Pier- Security Hold Area - Terminal 3

Currently our facility is available for only outbound passengers travelling out of T3 International Terminal as we are located at T3 International Departure Terminal Pier Opposite Boarding Gate No 17 (Security Hold Area). All domestic flyers departing out of T3 International Departures Piers can avails this facility but all Domestic flyer Departing out of T3 Domestic Wing will Not be able to avail this facility.

Types of Passengers who can avail this facility
a) International Departures
b) Domestic Departing Passengers with Flight departing through International Pier
c) Domestic to International Transfers
d) International to International Transfer (Without Indian Visa - NO VISA )

For Location B) Airport Transit Sleeping Pods - MLCP Building - Terminal 3

Yes! All domestic as well as International Arriving and Departing passengers can access this facility without any restrictions and can be accommodated during their transit.
Type Of Passengers who can access Sleeping Pods:
a) Domestic Arrivals
b) Domestic Departures
c) International Arrivals
d) International Departures
e) Domestic to International Transfers
f) International to Domestic Transfers
g) Domestic to Domestic Transfers
f) International to International Transfer (With Indian Visa)