Refund Policy
Please read all refund Policy carefully

If you cancel your booking after paying for the same no refund will be available to you until after we receive the monies from the Principal involved. In most cases, fees will be payable for cancellations and in some instances, you may not be able to claim a refund. All fee payable to SNOOZE AT MY SPACE is non refundable and subject to exclusive review of SNOOZE AT MY SPACE only.

Should the price of an airfare, cruise or tour be reduced after you have made payment your right to a refund (if any) is governed by the terms and conditions which apply to the airfare, cruise or tour as determined by the airline, cruise line or tour operator, (Principal). 901 reserves the right to retain part of the refund for service rendered and efforts made. All refunds are subject to sole discretion of SNOOZE AT MY SPACE. In case you do not agree to our refund/cancellation/rescheduling/charges terms, please seek clarification prior to paying for the services.

For any such refund or approvals you need to send us an email at